The IMPACT-1 Study for PTSD

Do you have stress, anxiety, or
nightmares due to a traumatic event?

It may be PTSD, and you have options.

Learn about a confidential research study

About the IMPACT-1 Study

Who can participate? People who have experienced a traumatic event and are now suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What is the IMPACT-1 Study? A clinical trial exploring the effect of an investigational oral medication on PTSD symptoms when taken weekly over a 4-week period.

Where? The study is being conducted at select locations worldwide.

When? Now - the study is actively enrolling new participants.

If you qualify and choose to join the study, you will receive:

  • Evaluations of your PTSD symptoms and overall health from a local physician.
  • Study-related care and the potential to receive medication at no cost.
  • Compensation for travel expenses.
  • The opportunity to help advance PTSD research, which may benefit other people with PTSD in the future.
  • Privacy: All participant’s information will remain completely confidential.


About PTSD

Many people will experience a life-threatening traumatic event in their lifetime, including but not limited to:

  • Physical or sexual assault (with or without a weapon)
  • Domestic abuse
  • A serious accident (in the workplace, in a vehicle, in public, etc.)
  • Natural disaster
  • Military/first responder traumatic events

Events such as these can trigger a range of symptoms, including.

  • Flashbacks, nightmares, or trouble sleeping
  • Avoiding things that bring on distressing memories
  • Negative thoughts or feelings, feeling detached
  • Feeling on edge or easily startled
  • Feeling that normal day to day activities, relationships, and overall state of mind has changed drastically since the traumatic event

While these symptoms often go away in a few weeks, for some they never go away and linger for months or even years – a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Are you Eligible?

If you suffered a traumatic or terrifying event that is causing unwanted lingering effects, you may qualify for a confidential research study (the IMPACT-1 Study). The study will evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational oral medication on PTSD symptoms when taken weekly over a 4-week period.

To see if you might qualify for the IMPACT-1 Study, and to get connected with a participating site in your area to learn more, please take the questionnaire below.